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Animal Medical Center of Plainfield

24/7 Emergency Services Available

Animal Medical Center provides 24/7 emergency and urgent care on a walk-in basis. If you have questions, call us at 815-436-8387. We are located at 13813 S Route 59 in Plainfield, and our dedicated emergency team is ready to assist.

Recognizing A Pet Emergency

You’re not alone if you’re wondering, "How do I know if my pet is having an emergency?" Seek medical attention immediately if your pet exhibits any of the following symptoms:

  • Trauma (motor vehicle accident, animal attacks, falls

  • Problems with eyes or eyesight

  • Suspected broken bones

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Collapse, weakness and/or the inability to support weight or stand up

  • Seizures (lasting more than 2 minutes or multiple seizures within a 24 hour period)

  • Straining or unable to urinate

  • Difficulty or pain while defecating

  • Bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth and/or blood in vomit, urine or feces

  • Excessive vomiting/diarrhea (particularly if lasting more than 24 hours)

  • Not eating/drinking for more than 24 hours

  • Pain (whining, panting, inability to get comfortable, arching back)

  • Distended and/or hard abdomen and/or retching/vomiting attempts

  • Ingestion of household chemicals (soap, drain cleaner, potpourri, essential oils)

  • Ingestion of human or other pet's medications

  • Ingestion of foreign object(s)

  • Ingestion of chocolate, grapes, raisins, sugar-free products containing xylitol, rat/mouse bait, garlic, rodenticides, petroleum products, and/or antifreeze

  • Heatstroke

  • Difficulty delivering puppies/kittens (active contractions with no birth within 60 minutes or more than 4 hours between deliveries)

What to Expect at AMC EMERGENCY

We understand that pet emergencies can be stressful, overwhelming, and frightening. When you bring your pet to Animal Medical Center of Plainfield EMERGENCY, you can do so with total confidence that both your pet’s needs and your concerns will be addressed. You will also be provided with a thorough treatment plan – including the cost of care – to ensure transparency while safeguarding your pet’s health.

While doing so is not mandatory, you are welcome to bring with you any relevant information – such as previous medical records and/or current medications – when visiting Animal Medical Center of Plainfield EMERGENCY with your pet. If your pet requires frequent treatment due to a chronic condition or recurring illness, we suggest maintaining a journal to help keep track of useful information, such as treatment schedules and responses to therapies.

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Should I Bring In My Pet?

Please refer to our guide on where and when to bring in your pets when you suspect they are ill.

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