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Booking Policies

Please be aware that appointments are only scheduled for general practice services including non-urgent doctor visits, wellness, disease management, and surgery. All other visits fall under walk in urgent care and emergency.

Calm Grey Cat being held by a male nurse looking at each other.

We now offer 2 types of visits to treat your pet:

1. Wellness & GP Appointments – These exams are traditional general practice prescheduled appointments that may include but are not limited to; wellness plan visits, yearly physicals, vaccinations, ongoing health concerns that are not urgent in nature, and routine surgeries and dentals.

2. Walk-In & Urgent Care/ER Visits – These appointments are first come first serve for pets with one or more of the following: routine care including wellness, ongoing vomiting and/or diarrhea, discharge or redness in eyes, blood in urine or stool, wounds or injuries, lameness/difficulty walking, allergic reactions, etc. Our 24/7 Emergency care will continue to triage those patients with the most critical and severe needs.